Outside of the city: Montauk

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As much as I love living in New York City, getting out is refreshing. I haven’t spent any time anywhere on the East Coast other than the City so it was time to get a breath of fresh air and discover my surroundings.

DSC_0310Sunday, my friend True, my boyfriend Aidan and I set out on a short trip to Montauk. Montauk is a tiny town at the very end of Long Island, bustling with vacationers during the summer. I fell in love almost immediately. Maybe it is my California roots talking but there is nothing like a small beach town where everyone spends all day long outside, walking their dogs, brunching all day and drinking beers on the beach (which is legal there!!). Montauk is the perfect getaway for those wanting the chic beach scene without the fuss of the Hamptons.

We originally made the trip to go to the Surf Lodge to see the pop-duo, Sylvan Esso. The Surf Lodge is a hip, hotel/restaurant/bar with live music for free. Once an art haven in the 90’s, this place seemed magical, from the outside at least.The cocktails tasted like awful dive bar drinks for $15. The place was over run with overly drunk Hamptonites, not my exact favorite crowd to see a show with anyways.  Unfortunately, due to a rude security guard who tricked me into coming back only after the band played, we didn’t get to see Sylvan Esso and left feeling salty.

IMG_1126The day was spent exploring the town via golf cart thanks to TheFreeRide, drinking delicious beer at the Montauk Brewery, and making some nice friends. Quality time in a quiet, picturesque East Coast beach town with good company was just what I needed, even if I didn’t know it. I highly recommend anyone making the short trip out to “The End”.

In the end, in the words of Ice Cube, it was a good day.