New Season In New York


(Jacket: Zara; Pants: HM – similar, Shoes: Trouve – similar; Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs; Scarf: Givenchy; Sunglasses: Ray-Bans)

The past few weeks have been madness for me the combination of work and personal issues gave me little to no time to write or even think about writing. As summer ends and a new season begins, things are starting to feel right again. With that being said, I have decided that Autumn is going to be my season. So far I have turned 22 years old, got a new haircut (which has fixed my appearance identity crisis) and I bought new workout pants that I hope will motivate me to get into shape.

Last Sunday, my new favorite day of the week, Aidan and I went to the Whitney for our first time. I put on my ‘cool girl’ outfit including my new leather moto jacket and comfy culottes and headed out on the town.

Little Megan Whitney 4

Little Megan Whitney 2

Little Megan Whitney 3

For anyone who enjoys contemporary art, I highly suggest the Whitney. With 8 floors of exhibitions, including outdoor spaces with sculptures and views of the Hudson and the beautiful Meatpacking District, you’ll definitely feel a tad more cultured after you leave. There’s something about art museums that hit a soft spot for me. As someone who has always saw themselves as a creative, I think about what could have been if I would have stuck to film photography or any other art form. I suppose now fashion is sort of my art form.

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